About us


Phone: 1-959-794-955

Contact: phoenixir.california@gmail.com or directly via or contact form.

Address: 594 E Caribbean Dr Sunnyvale, California, USAmaps blog phoenixir

What is Phoenixir?
Phoenixir, it’s us, you and our team of 144 employees together, and we are going to change the world of tomorrow together. From blood donation to beauty treatment, passing by research and development and meds creation, we’re trying to do our best to improve the life of all.
As a young Limited Liability Company, we already opened three concept stores and are selling in the meantime through Target drugstore.

Company overview: After the discovery of Nicola Jansen our head of scientists department about the molecule, we decided to share this miraculous med with you all, it was already 2 years ago, time goes fast, but last longer with Phoenixir.

Our plan for the future? 

  • Exporting all over the world to be accessible to every human being for each to enjoy a longer life, a start? Kuwait.
  • Improving our concept and becoming a complete medical infrastructure with doctors, beauty centers… 
  • Targeting new groups by reaching people with chronical diseases through a new generation of pills: cure to cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes, … 

Values: Environmental friendly, always looking at making the future better, we try to do our best to improve your life respecting the planet.

Company strategy: Short track – long vision

Our board: 5 people are managing this magical business:

Mr Rodrigues Benjamin – CEO
Ms Jansen Nicola – Scientist researcher
Ms Suffissais Laura – Marketing manager
Mr Ferla Serghej – Finance and Accounting manager
Mr Strianese Stefano – Sales manager.

Company news:

  • Exports are starting, the world is waiting for us” – CEO Benjamin Rodrigues, May 8th 2017
  • “Here we are, Spring/Summer taste collection is ready to hit the market” – Marketing manager, Laura Suffissais, January the 18th 2017.
  • “Today, we can say a small step for us but a big step to the cure for cancer” – Nicola Jansen, head of the scientist department, March 2016, talking about the future of the pill as a cure for diseases. 

What about numbers? 121, 306 1383 billion of dollars – what we expect as a turnover for a year


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