How do we work?

Our materials? 

  • Natural at the maximum – short track production, local producers
  • Local production in California and surrounding (Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico)
    • Smell for the creme: Avocado oil / Cactus / Aloe Vera
    • Taste for the pill: Lime, Cactus, Orange, Almond, lemongrass, berries (cherries, figs, melons….)
  • Concerning the protein:
    • Based on blood donation in 6 cities (Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego)
    • To attract young donor:
      • Proposing them to participate to their tuition fees
      • Reducing the future price of their pills when they would overpass the age (35)
  • Concerning financial support:
    • Subsidies from the states, regarding our help to improve demography and economy.

Our distribution strategy?

  • USA:
    • Exclusive distribution (concept stores)
    • Selective distribution (for target)
  • Kuwait
    • Selective distribution: because sending to some reseller (Giant Casino) for them to sell to the customer.

Our concept?

  • Pop-up store as a marketing strategy to advertise the product.
  • Being close to the customer.
  • Concept store – playful:



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