To our Kuwaiti future partners, this is our export offer…

Inquiry n° 01

Partner (importers) info:

  • Kuwaiti Giant Casino group
  • Hypermarket/drugstore
  • 360º Mall (Old Drive-in Cinema), Block No.7 6th Ring Road, Al Zahra Area South Surra, Kuwait
  • Phone: + 965 25361111
  • Fax: +9625361124
  • Contact: Nasser Alkhudher

Exporters info:

  • Phoenixir
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • 594 E Caribbean Dr Sunnyvale, California, USA
  • Phone: 1-959-794-955
  • Contact: Mr Stefano Strianese, Sales manager.

8th of May 2017

Type of offer: 

  • Firm commitment → We expect you to sell it in our way:
    • asking for the age of the customer at the cashier
    • respecting the concept and design
    • own shelf in the supermarket
    • being overly promoted

Exact description of the goods :

  • Description: give a look at our page about the products just here.
  • Packaging:
    • Pills:
      • bulk product during shipping – in huge containers
        • On the recycled plastic bag:
          • 1gr/pill 
          • no expiry date on the package because never expire
          • warning signs: “do not take more than 1 per day” → risk of overdoses. 
        • Every customer has to be provided with a manual repeating those data
      • Has to be put it into huge tubes according to taste/color
      • Seals: 
        • will be under recycled plastic vacuum package, if it is open then the merchandise can be not valuable anymore
      • Aim at:
        • Rejuvenate organs
    • Creme:
      • In huge containers
      • Square boxes black for men and white for women
        • Company logo and “Phoenixir” visible
        • Name of the product “Apollon” or “Aphrodite”
        • Place of destination: Kuwait  
        • Country of origin: USA
        • Weight: 250gr
        • Warning signs: “Do not eat” – “Do not put in the eyes” 
      • Seals:
        • will be packed in a recycled cardboard box, within the boxes will be round pot made of recycled plastic 
      • Aim at: 
        • Erasing wrinkles and aging marks

Specific packaging details – quantity in one container:

  • Pill:
    • 1 bulk pack = 1000 pieces = 1kilo
    • 2 000 000 pills per container of 20 feet –> which is 2000 packs of 1000 pills
    • which is equivalent to 5500 persons consumption for a year, one full cargo of pills is enough for more than a year for the expected market of Kuwait
  • Creme:
    • 5000 into a 20 feet container cause 4 cremes = 1kilo

Sales price & delivery terms:  

    • EXW → because works for every types of transportation and combination of it & less obligations for the sellers
    • FCA → we have to give the product to the transport chosen by the buyer & then the risk goes to the buyer
  • So: 14.5USD/pill and 29.5USD/cream (looking at INCOTERMS, buyers have to pay transport)
  • Unit of sale:
    • Pills = 1 kilo
    • creme = unites

Delivery time:

→ Regarding the fact we do not have an expiring date, we have a huge stock available and are able to deliver to the transporter within 5 working days.

International payment conditions:

  • Credit ranking of Geant Casino is stable (BBB-) so it is not really risky
  • Export credit insurance at the EXIMBANK (export import bank of the USA)

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